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15 July Martyrs Complex Opened in Tanzania

15 July Martyrs Complex Opened in Tanzania


15 July 15 Martyrs Complex, built on the African island of Zanzibar by Sadakatasi Association with the support of our philanthropies citizens, was inaugurated.

15 July Martyrs Complex, which was founded in April 2015 on an area of 5,887 m² with the coordination of our association and with the support of our donors, opened in Kombani district of Zanzibar. Firstly, Hacı Osman Var Mosque, which has built on an area of 225 m2 with 350 people capacity, opened with Qur'an recitation. After the opening ceremony, the first azan was recited and prayed.

After the prayer, the opening ribbon of Hacı Ayşe Var School and the Complex has been cut. Zanzibar children holding Turkish and Sadakatasi Association flag cheered.

In addition to mosques and classrooms on the campus, dormitories, libraries, dining halls, kitchens, administration buildings, lodgings, sports fields, bathrooms, and restrooms, male students will be islamic lessons as Imam Hatip model. 1,000 students would benefit from the project, which cost 2 million 400 thousand Turkish liras. Also, the furnishing of the complex has been provided by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

Ahmet Gundogdu, the chief of the Turkish Parliament and Ankara deputy of AK Party, said that all Muslims are brothers, and they are in Zanzibar to consolidate the brotherhood. Issa Haci Gavu, State minister of the Zanzibar Presidency and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, also expressed his satisfaction.

Emphasizing that the two countries are brothers, Gavu said, "Our brotherhood has been going on for a long time, and we are here to consolidate this brotherhood. We are blissful, always with you. The complex attracts attention with its modern historical architectural structure. Hundreds of students will benefit here. I think that education always will be provided in the best manner here."

The president of our association Kemal Özdal said that "Turkey has become a sanctuary for Muslims all over the world. Turkey has made great breakthroughs in recent years with its sense of sharing and helping with its state and nation generating from its faith and history. It is known that growing and developing Turkey shares its existence and wealth with the world's Muslims, especially Africa, from Asia to the Balkans, from the Middle East to the Caucasus, from the Americas to the Far East".

Kemal Özdal stated that all these positive developments disturbed turkey's enemies and have steam coming out of their ears against Turkey.

"This treacherous attack by internal and external traitors against Turkey and in parallel with this against the Islamic society has been defeated by the heroic resistance of our nation, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan," Ozdal said.

Ak Party Izmir deputy and member of TBMM Tanzania Friendship Group Huseyin Kocabıyık, Ak party Sanliurfa deputy Mahmut Kacar, Tanzania acting ambassador Nevzat Arslan, TIKA Tanzania Program Coordinator Hikmet Ozdenoglu and chairman of our partner Muzdalifaf Association Muhammed Hafız made a statement at the opening ceremony. After the speeches, gifts were given to those who contributed to the project, and the participants took in the classrooms and had a talk with the students. The students showed the joy of getting a new school by saying "Thanks Turkey" The organization, which Anadolu Agency Istanbul News Editor Huseyin Altınalan attended, ended with a prayer.

Zanzibar delegation and Turkish participants got together for dinner. AK Party deputy Gundogdu told Zanzibar Parliament chairperson Zubeyr Ali Mevlid about brotherhoods and treacherous plans planned by enemies. Gundogdu also gave information about the treacherous plans of FETÖ terrorist organization.


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Post Date: 30 December 2020

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