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500 cataract surgeries in Mali

500 cataract surgeries in Mali

Within the scope of health projects, we performed 500 cataract surgeries in Mali. While the surgeries have been performed, our team in the region distributed qurban shares and food packages.

Our team performed cataract surgery on 500 patients living in Bamako, Mali. After the surgeries, food packages and adaq qurban shares were distributed to those in need. 

500 cataract surgeries

Within the scope of cataract surgeries, our team, which was under the coordination of our general secretary Fatih Bolcan in Bamako, Mali, performed cataract surgeries for 500 patients who had vision problems and had difficulty meeting their daily needs with the help and support of philanthropists 

With the announcements, patients were informed about the surgery. Within the scope of the organization, which lasted 15 days 500 patients have recuperated.

Untreated cataract diseases which lead to blindness occur due to reasons such as age, undernourishment, prolonged exposure to severe light, and eye trauma. Millions of people lose their sight because of a lack of technical and financial impossibilities 

Food Support 

Our team distributed food packages to 250 needy families living in Ouellesebougou to meet their needs for a month. In addition to food aid, qurban shares were distributed to the families living in Sanakoroba and Bamako.

Fatih Bolcan made a statement that "Thousands of people in Mali cannot have cataract surgery due to financial impossibilities. As an association, we performed 500 cataract surgery in order to contribute to the solution of the problem. In addition to surgeries, we delivered qurban meat and food packages to families in need. We would like to thank the beneficiaries.”

To Support

To support the cataract project initiated by our association;

You can access bank account information from www.sadakatasi.org.tr.

For more information, please contact our officials on 0216 614 04 61.



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Post Date: 07 November 2022

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