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A water well full of goodness

A water well full of goodness

Sadakataşı Association provides clean water and digging wells for our brothers in needy regions, especially in Africa. Through the support and donation of donors for us.

700 million people, or about one-tenth of the world's population, do not have access clean water. Poverty, drought, pollution, rapid population growth, global warming and over-consumption are shortening the lives of clean water resources. More than 350,000 children die every year from diseases such as cataracts, cholera, and diarrhea caused by the inability to use clean water.




Niger that located in the west of Africa and it is one of the poorest countries in the world is dominated by the desert climate. Droughts are experienced regularly due to over temperatures. Half of the country's residents that receive rain only in July and August have difficulty accessing clean drinkable water. Thousands of people pass away due to pandemics such as cholera, typhoid, malaria. We are implementing our water well projects to protect residents from pandemics and make them access to clean water.



Sudan that located in east Africa, has different climate types. The northern regions have a desert climate and the southern regions have a tropical climate. Accessing to clean water is limited in the country that mean temperature is about 40 degrees celsius. The country is struggling with pandemics in addition to politicals and economic crises. We support the Sudanese people by opening water wells to work out the problem of accessing clean water.



Nepal that located in south Aisa has a monsoon climate. There is no enough water due to insufficient infrastructure services and a lack of dams in the country which receive rain frequently. Clean water and dirty water are mixing due to problems in the sewage system. We support residents of the country by opening water well to work out the problem of accessing clean water.



Togo that located in West Africa has a tropical and humid climate. There is a clean water problem in addition to food and medical supplies problems. More than 40% of the population can not reach clean water. There are pandemics such as malaria, meningitis, hepatitis, and typhoid due to the inability to meet the need for clean water. People of the region access to clean water for daily life thanks to water wells that we drilled.



Benin that located in West Africa is a gulf country. The country has a different climate such as tropical in the south, arid in the central parts, and Ataroka in the north. Although the country receives rain during the year, people of the country have difficulty accessing clean water due to insufficient infrastructure. People living in rural areas will access clean water thanks to the water well project that we will initiate.



Somalia, under the shadow of civil wars, has problems such as health and thirst. The main causes of these problems are; drought, hunger, misery, soil inefficiency, and especially climate change. Eight out of every 10 children in Somalia are suffering from diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid fever, and cholera due to lack of access to clean water. In order to satisfy the water necessity of people and prevent epidemic diseases, we are implementing our water well projects.


Sri Lanka

In the South Asian country of Sri Lanka, Muslims are a minority and cannot find enough water to meet their basic needs most of the time. Although the country receives enough rainfall, there is difficulty in accessing clean water due to pollution on surface waters, infrastructure problems, and stable waters. The water well we drilled in the region meet residents’ daily water needs. 



Somalia's neighbor Kenya also has droughts every few years. People have problems in supplying water due to week water networks in the country. Agriculture as the main economic activity suffers from irregular rainfall and drought. The wells we drilled in Kenya save human lives, especially during drought time.



Chad is one of the driest countries in the world. There is no water network except for a very limited part of the capital N'djamena. Many villages meet their water needs by carrying animals from surrounding areas. The northern part of the country suffers from a lack of water supply due to the drought in the summer months. With the help of water wells drilled in the region, the water required for the maintenance of the daily life of the people is satisfied.


Burkina Faso

With its tropical climate, Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. The country has two dry and rainy seasons. Most of the people lived in rural areas where water is supplied from wells. Due to poor economic conditions, water wells cannot be drilled and wells that can be drilled are drilled under difficult conditions. The water the people drink in the country is supplied from an oasis that causes various diseases, and sometimes it takes miles to reach the water.



Bangladesh is among the most underdeveloped countries in the world. With a population of 170 million, the country suffers from poverty due to insufficient economic resources. Especially in the camps where Arakanese refugees live, the conditions are more severe. Due to the dirty surface water; pumps and fountains are vital to satisfy the needs of refugees.



The population is sparsely in Mali's north areas due to the Sahara Desert but the opposite this, the south is heavily populated. Mali has a warm and dry climate. The country that receives rain between June and September suffers from drought in other periods. Pandemics are common in the region due to difficulties in accessing clean water. Water wells that we drilled in northern areas play an important role to live on residents.


Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone that located in West Africa has a tropical climate. The Atlantic Ocean is located in the west of the country. There is a problem in the country about water resources. Residents meet their needs and pandemics are prevented thanks to the water well that we opened in Sierra Leone where there is a periodic drought.



Post Date: 18 March 2020

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