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Adaq-Aqiqa-Shuqr Qurban

Adaq-Aqiqa-Shuqr Qurban

Every month, we regularly distribute to poor and needy people by slaughtering of Nadhr, Aqiqa, and Thank God Qurbans in a country we determined and refugee camps in Bangladesh where Arakan refugees live. We send photos and videos of the qurban you gave its proxy if you wish.

We make our brothers feel that they are not alone by making tables of our poor and needy brothers who are thousands of kilometers away from abundant thanks to the Adaq, Aqiqa, and Shuqr Qurbans that you have donated.


What’s Adaq Qurban

This is a qurban that is obligatory to sacrifice for those who pledge the offering. If a person pledged to sacrifice a qurban if a specific condition occurs, then it obligatory for the person to perform the sacrifice if this condition materializes. It's forbidden to eat the meat of the adaq qurban the donator's lineal consanguinity ( his generation, his parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, and their children and grandchildren and grandchildren of their own generation) If he wants to eat or makes one of the above eat, he must compensate the poor people for its current value.


What’s Aqiqah Qurban

The qurban that was slaughtered to thank God for the newborn child is aqiqa. The aqiqa is mustahab. The conditions sought in animals to be slaughtered as Aqiqa qurbans are the conditions sought in other qurbans. The Aqiqa Qurban can be slaughtered from the day of birth of the child until the age of puberty. But it is more effective to slaughter it on the seventh day. Anyone who slaughtered aqiqa can eat its meat. There are no limitations.


What’s Shuqr Qurban

The qurbans of the people who made the tamattu pilgrimage or qiran pilgrimage in the Harem region due to the fact that they did the pilgrimage and umrah together in the same season are also the qurbans of Shkur ( thankfulness) Someone can slaughter the qurban, thanks to having achieved the desired goal. Anyone who slaughtered shkur qurban can eat its meat.


The regions where we slaughter Aqiqa and Adaq;

We distribute adaq, aqiqa and shkur qurbans to our brothers living in Turkey, Bangladesh, Benin, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Mongolia, Tanzania, Nepal, Burkina Faso, and Rwanda.




Post Date: 06 July 2018

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