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Aliya İzzetbegovic's name will be kept alive in Bangladesh

Aliya İzzetbegovic's name will be kept alive in Bangladesh

Ali Izetbegovic Education Complex which was built in Bangladesh has been opened for 240 Rohingya refugee students will benefit from this project.

Sadakataşı association's team inaugurated Ali Izetbegovic educational complex in Bangladesh which consists of a mosque, an orphanage, a school and a Fountain. In continuation of the humanitarian relief efforts, Ramadan aid has been delivered to the Rohingya refugees who are there.

About 1,3 million Rohingya have sought refuge in neighboring Bangladesh because of the massacres they were subjected to in their country. The Rohingya refugees continue to live in makeshift tents and treetop homes, deprived of basic rights such as education, health and housing. Sadakataşı which provides humanitarian aid on a regular basis to refugees in the Rohingya, opened the Ali Izetbegovic educational complex, which was designed to contribute to solving the problem of education in the camps there.

Ramadan aid

Sadakataşı's team provided Ramadan aid to Rohingya families living in refugee camps. Within the scope of humanitarian relief efforts, food packages were distributed to 1300 families, and zakat was distributed to 400 families. Iftar meals were distributed to 855 refugees.

Ali Izetbegovic Educational Complex

Ali Izetbegovic Educational Complex was opened by Sadakataşı association team which was built for Arachannian orphans in Jakaria district near Chittagong in Bangladesh. A deputy of AK Party in Istanbul Eyup Ozsoy and the chairman of the association Kemal Ozdal, participated in the opening accompanied by the volunteer team with the people of the region.

Ali Izetbegovic education complex is located in the southeastern city of Chittagong, 260 kilometers from Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. The city hosts tens of thousands of Rohingya refugees and they continue to live in the area, depriving them of many basic rights not to mention housing, security, health and education.

With the completion of the educational complex, 240 students will receive education in the complex. 50 orphans will live in the school dormitory who are livıng in houses with roofs made of tree branches or in tents outside the camp. 4 teachers, managers and 2 cooks will work in the educational complex, which has an area of ​​2,204 square meters.

Lütfiye Küçük Mosque

Lütfiye Küçük Mosque with an area of ​​500 m² was opened within the Ali Izetbegovic Educational Complex for worship by Sadakataşı team. The mosque can accommodate 600 worshipers.

Turkey will continue to stand by the oppressed

As Eyup Ozsoy said during the opening of the educational center: “Turkey has always stood by every oppressed and needy and will continue to do so. We are here today to help our Bangladeshi and Rohingya brothers. We hope that the Ali Izetbegovic Educational Complex will be one of the important projects for the continuation of cooperation with our brothers here. I would like to express My thanks and gratitude to all my brothers and sisters who contributed to the success of this beautiful complex that was built by Sadakataşı association with love and enthusiasm. In addition, I would like to thank all the members of Sadakataşı association, especially its chairman Mr. Kamal for their good service.

240 students will receive education

Sadakataşı’s president, Kemal Ozdal, said after providing the aid: “Since the establishment of Sadakataşı association we have been distributing humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees. Today, zakat and food parcels were distributed in the refugee camps we are currently in, and it is part of the Ramadan activities carried out by the association. Iftar meals were provided. To our brothers here at their tables. The educational complex named after Ali Izetbegovic, the first president of the Republic of Bosnia. The complex was opened for 240 students will receive education in the complex here, in which national and religious curricula will be taught. And in the end I would like to thank all the donors who contributed to the arrival of Aid is here.”

To Support

Our association, which are calling for sharing Ramadan happiness with the needy, have determined the price of food packages 300₺, eid clothes price as 450₺, fitre, and fidya 40₺, and iftar price 50₺. 

To support Ramadan aids initiated by our association. You can access bank account information from www.sadakatasi.org.tr. You can donate 10₺ typing RAMAZAN and sending it by text message to 2989. For more information, please contact our officials on 0216 614 04 61.


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Post Date: 12 April 2022

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