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Building a Mosque in Burkina Faso

Building a Mosque in Burkina Faso

Hatipoglu 3 Mosques construction continues in the rural area of Yaujin, Burkina Faso. Construction work continues on the Hatipoglu Mosque 3 which is being built in order to solve the problem of the mosques in Burkina Faso.


Hatipoglu Mosque 3

The area of Hatipoglu 3 mosque has an area of 120 m² which is under construction in Yaujin in Burkina Faso. When the construction of the mosque will completion, it will accommodate 155 worshipers. A fountain will be built there.

When the mosque is opened, the people of the area will have a mosque suitable for prayer in their countries. Children there will receive religious instruction at the mosque.


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Post Date: 24 August 2021

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