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Permanent Projects

Permanent Projects


Permanent projects built in areas where  mosques, masjids, water wells, training centers, and orphanages are few in number strengthen brotherhood. Mosques, masjids, and training centers are also instrumental in educating the public through the establishment of religious and technical training courses, thus the beginning of a cultural transformation.


Our brothers who are having education in their countries through permanent projects have a great importance hand in the development of the region.  Mosques and masjids will be places people get together around them to solve their problems and find a common denominator to strengthen their feelings of brotherhood.


Permanent projects are built in places where there are no houses, orphanages, water wells and training centers in Africa due to impossibilities, or where the current buildings cannot meet the needs of the people of the region. The sizes of the structures are have determined according to the need of the region.


The aim of the project

  • To build suitable places of worship for people who have difficulty performing their religious obligations en masse due to impossibility.
  • To spread the culture of living together, brotherhood, and sharing of Islam in areas where people of different tribes have clashed with each other for many years.
  • To contribute to the education of the people by providing religious and technical training in madrasas and courses built around mosques and masjids.
  • To open orphanages for children who lost their families due to wars, famine, drought, poverty, or diseases.
  • To prepare our children living in poor geographies for the future by opening educational centers where our children will study religion and curriculum.

Post Date: 11 November 2019

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