"Every act of goodness is a charity."
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The association protects the poor, needy, orphans, widows, street children and people of all ages who are stuck on the streets, patients, those who separated from their homeland, refugees, those who are stuck on the road and provides contributions in-kind and financial aid.

it opens or helps to open or contribute to management of those have been opened structures contributing realization of these aids such as  nursing homes, shelters, rehabilitation centers, soup kitchens, slaughterhouses, kindergartens, guesthouses, places of worship, cultural centers  at inland and abroad. Tent cities, logistics centers, social shops, and other facilities establish, operate and provides contributions in-kind and financial aid to such institutions. It also hands out foods for the needy and buys services related to this.

In particular, it prepares projects and applies them aimed at reducing poverty, child mortality, improving maternal health and increasing employment at inland and abroad. It cooperates with organizations operating for these purposes, works for the detection of the poor in real terms for aid activities and projects, and creates a unit for this purpose. It charts the country's poverty map on a neighborhood basis and identifies people, organizations and sister families who will help the poor.

it identifies and helps those in need due to disease, old age, etc. from persons who introduced our country and culture on issues such as humanitarian aid, education, culture, etc. at inland and abroad. Thus, it supports financially the needy as food, housing benefit, sheltering, coal, and clothing cleaning supplies, business establishment and furniture before they sought help, makes an organizations and participates in organizations.


Post Date: 17 July 2020

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