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Eid Qurban Rejoicing in 35 Countries

Eid Qurban Rejoicing in 35 Countries

This year, we have organized qurban organization in 35 countries, including Turkey. Our teams slaughtered 19,235 qurban shares and delivered them to more than 850,000 people.

We carried out qurban activities all over the world with the call of "Qurban is a present for the world". We slaughtered and distributed 19,235 qurban shares which we got their proxies from our donors’

Our teams performed the slaughter and distribution of the sacrifices donated from Turkey, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, the Caucasus, the Far East, Andalusia, and the Balkans and delivered to those in need.

Priority to War and Crisis zones

Refugee camps, war, natural disasters, and poor areas have been prioritized as well as the elderly, orphanages, orphanages, and schools. Within this framework, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Bangladesh, and Africa have been prioritized.

20 thousand people have been reached in Turkey

Our domestic team, which applied domestic qurban activities in 20 provinces, slaughtered 500 shares. We delivered shares to 20 thousand people in need.

Children have not been forgotten

During eid, our sacrifice teams, acting with the consciousness of ummah in the Islamic geography, presented eid clothes and toys to 4700 children in 35 countries where works were carried out by volunteers and partner organizations.

Where we have been

The Qurban organization, which was initiated with the call of "Qurban is a present for the world", was held in 35 countries, including Turkey this year.

Africa; Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Kenya, Niger, Somalia, Benin, Ethiopia, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Asia; Philippines (Moro), Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

Middle East; Syria, Iraq, Palestine (Gaza and Jerusalem) Lebanon, and Yemen.

Europe; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, and North Macedonia.

What we did last year?

We organized 2021 Qurban organization in 33 countries with the call "Sharing your qurban eid will spread all of the world" and reached approximately 800 thousand people with 18,393 shares.

19,235 shares to 35 countries

Our chairman Kemal Özdal stated that “We have organized qurban project in 35 countries and more than a hundred regions, especially Turkey. We are happy to deliver 19,235 shares that were slaughtered according to Islamic practices to more than 850 thousand people in need.”

“In the campaign we started with the call of "Qurban is a present for the world ", our donors supported our goodness journey with the shares they donated for their sisters and brothers living thousands of kilometres away. We would like to thank our valuable donors to make those in need feel eid happiness. “Continued his explanation.



Post Date: 28 July 2022

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