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Flood Support to Pakistan

Flood Support to Pakistan

After the flood disaster in Pakistan, we deliver emergency aid to the region with the call "To Reduce Flood Effects Let's  Mobılze For Pakistan".

While 33 million people are waiting for help in Pakistan, where floods are experienced due to monsoon rains, we deliver food, hygiene products, and blankets to the region with your support.         

In Pakistan, where a national emergency has been declared due to monsoon rains, the number of people who have lost their lives in heavy rains has increased by a thousand. Noting that 33 million people were affected by the disaster, officials have called for SOS. 

Because of the flood disaster, 1136 people died and the number of injured exceeded 1634. Due to heavy rains, 1.05 million homes were damaged and nearly 800,000 livestock perished.

500 thousand people live in camps

500 thousand people living in the regions affected by the flood disaster have been evacuated and struggle to live under difficult conditions in the camps.

In Pakistan, where is grappling with economic and political crises, officials have called for SOS  to meet urgent needs. In South Asia, monsoon rains of June-September lead to large-scale natural disasters and accidents every year.

Urgent Aid

In the first step of urgent aid works that we have initiated for the region, we’ve delivered food, hygiene products, and blankets. We will continue our relief efforts. To support Pakistan aids initiated by our association.  

To Support

You can access bank account information from www.sadakatasi.org.tr You can donate 10 by texting ACİL and sending it by text message to 2989. For more information, please contact our officials on 0216 614 04 61.




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Post Date: 02 September 2022

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