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Forest Fire in Antalya

Forest Fire in Antalya

Aerial and ground extinguishing efforts were launched as fires broke out in the forest area of southern Turkish town Manavgat. "53 people were affected by smoke and that a street sprinkler overturned and seriously injured its driver," told Bekir Pakdemirli, Agriculture and Forestry Minister.

The fire sparked near Manavgat's Side Neighborhood. The fire in the wooded area moved towards the settlements due to the wind. The flames moved towards the gas stations on the Antalya Alanya highway. Crews are fighting to keep the flames from reaching the petrol station.

Some neighborhoods were evacuated as flames reached the city center.


The latest on Manavgat 

“The fire has not yet been fully brought under control. The fact that too many focuses are being struggled makes heavy going of our efforts,” Bekir Pakdemirli told. 

"Citizens mostly moved their relatives. So there is no citizen clustered somewhere, waiting for the help of the Red Crescent or AFAD."

"Law enforcement agencies are continuing their investigations into the cause of the fire, it is not yet clear," Pakdemirli said, recalling that an investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire.


53 citizens have been affected by smoke

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said that the fire broke out around 12.05 and was detected by the fire tower.

“After about 13 minutes, the first intervention was made. We are facing a wind blowing more than 50 kilometers with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, humidity below 14 percent, and more than 50 kilometers. The fire seems to have launched from 4 points. The first is Yeniköy, the second is Sarılar, the third dam area, the fourth is Gebeci region. Unfortunately, wind conditions, low humidity, and other factors are helping the fire grow. There are all kinds of reasons to fuel the fire right now.”

Pakdemirli claimed that as of today, the forest organization has fought 28 fires in total and that 24 of them are under control, except for 4, Adana, Kadirli, Karaisalı, and Mersin.


Statement from AFAD

"The fire that broke out in the forest area in Yeniköy, Manavgat, was intervened by air and land today." AFAD made a statement

In the statement, it was stated that 4 vehicles and 14 personnel from the Antalya AFAD Directorate were deployed in the region, and 19 water sprinklers and 3 fire trucks were dispatched to the region Citizens were affected by the fire. 19 ambulances, 6 UMKE, and 1 mobile command vehicle were dispatched to the region.


51 people were treated

Antalya Provincial Health Director Unal Hülür reported that 51 people affected by the fire in Manavgat district came to hospitals for treatment.

51 people affected by the fires in Manavgat went to hospitals for treatment. 47 are in a mild condition, will receive oxygen therapy, and be discharged. One of the citizens has 30 percent burns and one has a broken foot. None of them are life-threatening at the moment," he said.


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Post Date: 30 July 2021

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