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Happiness flows from your share

Happiness flows from your share

With shared-water well projects initiated in Niger, we carry out water well openings thanks your support. By €100 donations of 20 donors, locals' basic necessities will be meet.  

Approximately 750 million people aren’t able to access fresh water because of reasons such as drought, pollution, rapid population growth, decreased rainfall caused global warming, rapid and excessive consumption. Thousands of people pass away every year due to diseases such as cataracts, cholera, diarrhea, and tifo that caused by the inability to reach clean drinkable water. 

in case sufficient and feasible measures wouldn't be taken, risks faced people will increase. We perform to ensure that millions of people who suffer from water shortage problems can reach clean and drinkable water which they can meet all their needs.  

Shared-Water Wells in Niger 

Thanks shared-water wells we drill in Niger, where suffering from insufficient infrastructure systems, impossibilities and drought in addition to difficulty in finding fresh water, we offer clean drinkable water to the country, which is one of the driest regions in the world.

Region: Niger 


Water Well Name: Sadakataşı 01 

Number of Shareholder: 20

Water Well Cost: 2000€

Share Cost: €100


-The construction of well will start after all shares are completed.

-The construction period will be completed within 3 months at the lasted 

-The water well will be given a general name.

-Donor names will be on the banner at the groundbreaking and opening of the well.

- Photos of all water well's stages will be shared with the donors.



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Post Date: 17 September 2022

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