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Hatipoğlu 4 Mosque in Nepal

Hatipoğlu 4 Mosque in Nepal

Construction works of Hatipoğlu 4 Mosque that the foundation was laid by our teams in the rural part of Siraha city of Nepal, continue.

Building works of Hatipoğlu 4 Mosque that we have designed for the solution of the worship problem in Nepal, ongoing

Hatipoğu 4 Mosque

Hatipoğlu 4 Mosque with fountain in Siraha, Nepal, is being built in an area of 100 square meters. When the construction of the mosque will be completed, 200 people will be able to worship together.

Thanks to the project, the locals will have a mosque that is being built according to the conditions of the country. In addition, children will receive a religious education in the mosque.


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Post Date: 22 August 2022

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