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Lebanon Aids Are Continue

Lebanon Aids Are Continue

We initiated urgent aid works after the massive explosion occurred in Lebanon's capital Beirut. Food and hygiene packets, vegetables, flour, and clothes aids were distributed to 500 refugee families by the 4th urgent aid team that went to the region.

We are continuing to support refugee families which are most affected by the explosion. Food and hygiene packets, vegetables, flour, and clothes aids were distributed in camps living Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

Beirut is having hard times due to the explosion in the port of Beirut in addition to political problems, financial crises, and coronavirus outbreak. We are continuing to support the country with urgent aids we initiated. Our vice-chairman Cevdet Hasbal and his accompanying team are organizing urgent aid works in Lebanon where the explosion took place.

Nearly 2 million refugees

Nearly 2 million Syrian and Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon. As a result of the government policy, they don't even officially have refugee status. Because of the same reason, they cannot work in some areas of business. They cannot benefit from health and public services. Refugees have problems in topics such as education, infrastructure, unionization, organization, opening a workplace, obtaining work permits, sheltering, etc.

Nearly 130.000 Palestinians immigrated to Lebanon after Al-Nakba in 1948. Currently, about 500.000 Palestinian refugees live in Lebanon. Palestinian refugees are living in 12 refugee camps in the country. Palestinian refugees who have not citizenship and habitation rights are prohibited from works in 70 business areas. This number was reduced to 39 under the pressures of international organizations. Palestinians are working low-income and informal jobs without noticing educational background. Palestinian's living conditions got worsen after 2011, nearly 1,5 million Syrian Refugees emigrated to Lebanon. The unemployment rate increased to %56 while the poverty rate is %65.

There are health problems among refugees due to overcrowded and lack of access to food and clean drinking water. Because they cannot benefit from public health services, Palestinian refugees are in need of the help of international NGOs.

Lebanon is the 2nd country where Syrian refugees emigrated after Turkey.  Nearly 1.5 million Syrian refugees live in the country. Lebanon is not a part of the International Convention on the Legal Status of Refugees recognized in 1951 and officially describes Syrians who have immigrated to the country as "displaced persons."  Since the 1950s, the country has tried to prevent Syrian refugees permanent. Prevention of the resettlement of Syrian refugees permanently is the basis of Lebanon's refugee policy.

Urgent Aid to 700 Families

Our urgent aid team in the region carried out distributing food and hygiene packets and 25 kg flour for 700 Palestinian families living in Burj al-Barajne, Tripoli, Nahr el-Bared, Beddawe, Beqaa, Arsal, Qetermaya camps. Hot meals were distributed for 500 people.

What We Did

Our urgent aid team in Lebanon distributed hot meals, clean drinking waters, food and hygiene packets, flours, and pieces of bread. With aids will be distributed by teams that will go to the region in the coming days, 60 thousand people will access to aids in total.

To Support Lebanon

As Sadakatasi Association, we continue delivering aids to Lebanese people with the campaign we initiated with the call of “Don’t Leave Lebanon Alone". You can donate 10₺ by writing LÜBNAN and sending it SMS to 2989. Also, you can access to the bank account numbers via  www.sadakatasi.org.tr and for more information, please contact our officials on 0216 614 04 61.


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Post Date: 06 November 2020

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