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Mosque and School Opening Carried Out in Idlib

Mosque and School Opening Carried Out in Idlib

Our mosque and school projects that we're performing in line with the needs of the refugees living in Idlib continue. Our relief team in the region carried out zakat, food packages, and winter clothing distributions with the openings.

Mosque and school openings were accomplished in direction with the needs of refugee families living in briquette houses built in Idlib. Food packages, zakat, and winter clothing aid were delivered to refugee families by our team.


Mustafa Zehra Er Mosque

Mustafa Zehra Er Mosque with a capacity of 200 people, designed on an area of 100 square meters in TOGEM-DER houses we built in Babiska district of Idlib, was opened for worship by our team.


Mustafa Saadet Karavuş School

Education is one of the problems experienced by refugee children in Idlib. We constructed Mustafa Saadet Karavuş School to fill the school needs of 316 children living in TOGEM-DER residences. 316 children who are educated at the school where both the curriculum and religious education is provided were presented boots and coats.

Emergency Aid for Refugees

Food packages and qurban shares were distributed by our team to 150 families living in the Zailun refugee camp. We distributed zakat and winter clothes to 400 those who are living in refugee camps or teaching in schools in the surrounding areas


Briquette Houses for 5,000 families

Our Chairman Kemal Ozdal, who gave information about the relief efforts in Idlib, made a statement that "We are continuing our relief works for refugees who have migrated to areas close to our border. We have completed the construction of 5,000 briquettes in 22 regions. In line with the needs of the camps, our school and mosque openings are ongoing. Our team in the region delivered food, zakat, and winter clothes to refugee families with the openings. We would like to thank all our donors who contributed to distributing the aid."


To Support

To support Idlib aids initiated by our association;
You can access bank account information from www.sadakatasi.org.tr.
You can donate ₺10 by texting 'İDLİB” and sending SMS to 2989.
For more information, please contact our officials on 0216 614 04 61


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Post Date: 05 January 2022

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