"Every act of goodness is a charity."
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We could not be their parents but we could be brothers and sisters of orphans!

We could not be their parents but we could be brothers and sisters of orphans!

Let the hundreds of thousands of orphans hold on to life by your donations

Hundreds of thousands of children who have lost their families due to war, poverty and natural disasters in the world are quite vulnerable. Orphans are the most vulnerable target of human smugglers, organ mafia and beggar mobsters in all around the globe. With the support of the Sadakatasi Association donors, that follows the advice of our Prophet; protects orphans without separating them from their homeland; and preparing them for life.


Our Activity:

We conduct our orphan program in war zones, refugee camps and the regions where the effect of war continues. We primarily address the health and food needs of orphans in the unsafe environment of the war. We secure our orphans with financial and moral support by ensuring that their families survive, or they are transported to the safe environments we provide.

We protect orphan children in temporary shelters against all kinds of abuse in natural disaster areas and areas where they are needed. We meet the needs of the children until their survivors are found, and even if there are no survivors, we prepare orphanages and permanent shelters considering the demands of the local conditions and the regional structure.


How you could help?

You can look after an orphan by donating 250 TL per month.

You can support the construction of orphan projects by donating to the Orphan Support Project Fund.

You can support the projects that we have prepared for the construction of orphanages and meeting their needs.

You can contribute to the promotion of the Orphan Support Project.





Post Date: 11 March 2020

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