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Qurban is a present for the world

Qurban is a present for the world


This year, we will share eid happiness of our sisters and brothers, carrying out our qurban activities in 35 countries, including Turkey under the call of “Qurban is a present for the World”


We target to reach 1 million needy people, performing our qurban organization that will be applied under the call of “Qurban is a present for the World” in 35 countries and more than 100 regions.


We will organize qurban activities that we have been performing since 2010 with 12-years of professionalism and the confidence given by our donors. Our association which reaches more people and regions each year will continue to distribute aid to new areas in qurban eid as well. 


The share price is ₺1250

We specified qurban share prices as 4 different price categories. The qurban price is determined as 1250 for the first region that includes Africa and Asia countries, and It is 2000 for the second region that involves Yemen, and the far Asia countries, and 3000 for the third region located in the Turkey, Cyprus, Balkans and the Middle East countries, ​and 5000 for the fourth region containing Palestine, Iraq and Spain.



Which countries qurbans will be slaughtered?

We will carry out the qurban organization we initiated with the call of “Qurban is the present for the World” in 35 countries, including Turkey.

Middle East; Syria, Iraq, Palestine (Gaza and Al-Quds) Lebanon, and Yemen

Europe; Hungary, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Spain, North Macedonia, Ukrania, Romania, and Poland

Africa; Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Kenya, Niger, Somalia, Togo, Ghana, and Tanzania

Asia; Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Philippines (Moro), Vietnam, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka.  


What we did last year

we delivered 18,161 qurban shares to approximately 800 thousand people by carrying out 2022 qurban organization in 4 continents and 32 countries with the call of “''Sharing Your Qurban Eid Will Spread All Of The World”


How can you donate your qurban?

You can donate your qurban by visiting Sadakatasi Association headquarters in-person or online via the bank account or the postal checking account on www.sadakatasi.org.tr, or by calling 0216 641 04 61 for more detailed information.



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Post Date: 26 May 2022

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