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Qurbani teams went out to the road

Qurbani teams went out to the road

The association's teams start arriving that will carry out the sacrificial activities by slaughtering and distributing them in 32 countries, including Turkey, has started.

Aid teams began arriving in Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Caucasus, Far East, Andalusia and Balkans to organize Qurbani activities by slaughtering and distributing qurbans that had been donated by donators.

And you will be partners in the joy of our needy brothers this year by distributing Qurabni meat in 32 countries, including Turkey, during the appeal of the campaign " Your Qurban Eid Will Spread All Of The World "


Children will not be forgotten

Sadakataşı association will be the joy of Eid by providing thousands of Eid clothes to children, consisting of Eid clothes through teams distributed in 32 countries.


Our Target is 20 thousand shares

Donators who want to donate their qurbans to our association through the proxy will be able to slaughter their qurbans and delivered them to the needy by choosing one of the countries determined for the qurban works. We aim to reach 850 thusand people by slaughtering 20 thousand shares.


How can you donate your qurban?

You can donate qurbans by going to the center of Sadakataşı association or by donating through the attached bank accounts on the association’s website until July 21, the second day of Eid at 23.59 or by calling 0216 641 04 61 for more detailed information.


Post Date: 22 July 2021

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