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Ramadan aid to 14,000 families in Turkey

Ramadan aid to 14,000 families in Turkey

Within the scope of domestic Ramadan relief works, we delivered food packages and grocery cards to 14,000 families living in 60 provinces.


Sadakataşı Association, which carries out domestic Ramadan efforts in 60 provinces, distributes grocery cards and food packages to families in need. As part of Ramadan efforts, the association will deliver food aid to more than 100,000 people.


We are continuing to provide assistance in 35 countries and over 100 regions, especially Turkey, with the call of "Let Change the World" during Ramadan this year. Within the scope of the relief efforts, we distribute grocery cards, food packages, fitrah, zakat, and eid clothes. We gather thousands of people around the iftar tables that have been established.


Grocery cards to 8,000 families


8,000 needy and orphans families were given ₺300 worth of shopping cards which will be able to use in designated markets. We will continue to distribute grocery cards until the end of Ramadan.


Food packages to 6,000 families


Our Ramadan teams delivered food packages consisting of sugar, salt, chickpeas, lentils, pasta, tomato paste, rice, bulghur, canned foods, breakfast foods, and oil to over 6,000 families within the scope of domestic aid.



Our target is to help 20,000 families


Our Vice President Recep Celik made a statement that within the scope of domestic Ramadan aid, the association aims to deliver packages and grocery cards to a total of 20,000 families. "We are carrying out relief efforts in 60 provinces this year, prioring our poor people who are experiencing a decline in the level of their income. In the coming days, we will distribute fitrah, zakat, and eid clothes. We would like to thank the philanthropists who contributed to Ramadan aid." said Celik. 


To Support

Our association, which is calling for sharing Ramadan happiness with the needy, has determined the price of food packages as ₺300, eid clothes price as ₺450, fitrah, and fidya ₺40, and iftar price ₺50. 


To support Ramadan aids initiated by our association. You can access bank account information from www.sadakatasi.org.tr. You can donate 10₺, typing RAMAZAN and sending it by text message to 2989. For more information, please contact our officials on 0216 614 04 61.



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Post Date: 20 April 2022

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