"Every act of goodness is a charity."
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Alms Stone Money Box

Alms Stone Money Box

In order to increase the awareness of Sadakatasi in public, money boxes to be gifted to children will be prepared and contributed to the move of this culture to the present day by using them in stands and various cultural programs.

With the realization of this project, it is aimed not only to bring the charity culture of our ancestry to the present day but also to create awareness of the awareness of the charity to future generations, starting with children. in contradistinction to normal money box, this project aims to revive a cultural asset. On the occasion of these money boxes, within the framework of the campaign permits obtained from the institutions to which our association is affiliated, income will be obtained for our activities and scholarships for students. The awareness will be expanded by raising awareness of the future of our people with the loyalty money boxes we have prepared in order to rethink, transfer to generations correctly and continue the future in different ways alms stone which a naive tradition that has been forgotten from the Ottoman empire to the present day.


Post Date: 05 November 2019

To take as an example alms stones that symbol of courteous and aesthetics social aid culture and revive
it To devise a project permanent projects for all poor’s,
waifs and strays, orphans To drill clean,

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