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Sharing Befitted Us

Sharing Befitted Us

We delivered aid to hundreds of thousands of needy people in 21 countries including Turkey as part of Ramadan Works.

Our association which carried out Ramadan aid with the call of 'Sharing befits us’ made the faces of the needy smile.

Sadakatasi Association which is carrying out aids the oppressed geographies around the world in Ramadan, carried out Ramadan works with the call of "Sharing Befits Us" in order to explain the circumstance of children living in refugee camps and orphans who are exposed to starvation and thirst due to poverty. Helped about 300 thousand people this year.

The association, carried out food ration distributions to make the tables fruitful of the needy, eid gifts for children, distribution of fitr and Zakat within the scope of Ramadan works carried out in 21 countries including Turkey this year. The association made the iftar tables fruitful and built heart bridges with hundreds of thousands of people.

Priority to Crisis and War Zones;

Out association carried out aids prioritizing crises regions such as Gaza, under the blockade of Israel,  occupied Jerusalem, Syria, Yemen, and regions where Muslims are in a minority such as Vietnam, Nepal and Arakan

Traditional Aksa Iftars;

In Jerusalem, which is occupied by Israel, we have set iftar tables approximately 21,000 people during this Ramadan in the Masjid al-Aqsa, which we have set iftar tables regularly since 2010 when we were set as an association.

Syria is not forgotten;

As Sadakatasi Association, we distributed Ramadan rations to 2,200 families who migrated from Eastern Ghouta to Idlib and Azez. iftar tables were set in the region regularly, eid clothes were given to hundreds of orphans in the eid.

Domestic assistance;

As part of aid carried out by our association in many regions of Turkey, 2000 needy families were given Ramadan rations and more than 500 orphans were given eid clothes.

Sadakatasi Village for Arakan Refugees;

For Arakan Muslims fleeing the massacres in their country and taking refuge in neighboring Bangladesh, Sadakatasi village, which consists of 135 houses, was handed over to the people of the region. The association also inaugurated two schools in Arakan refugee camps in the month of Ramadan, and the foundation of 2 schools was laid. Iftar organizations, rations, Zakat al-Fitr and eid clothes distributions were carried out in the region.

Hz. Aisha Islamic Education Center;

Hz. Aisha Islamic Education Center which built by Tika, Simal Foundation and Sadakatasi Association in Vietnam and inaugurated during Ramadan, His the first Islamic education school in the region. The Education Center, where 60 students will be educated, was set on an area of 5000 square meters. Ramadan rations were distributed to hundreds of families and the association set iftar tables in the region.

Regions where we aided

As Sadakatasi Association, we have carried out Ramadan aids in 21 countries, especially Turkey.

The Balkans and the Caucasus; Albania, Bulgaria, Abkhazia

Africa; Burkina Faso, Chad, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania

Middle East; Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, and Lebanon

Asia; Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines (Moro), Nepal, Bangladesh and Afghanistan


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Post Date: 06 November 2019

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