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So That Humanity Doesn't Die İn Yemen

So That Humanity Doesn't Die İn Yemen


24 million people live in need of humanitarian relief and protection in Yemen, where the world's greatest humanitarian tragedy is occurring. We support people living difficult lives in the region with emergency aid.

Sadakataşı association did not want to stand helpless in front of this tragedy, so it works to deliver urgent aid to the region under the slogan "So that humanity doesn't die in Yemen."



General situation in Yemen

There is a major humanitarian crisis in Yemen as a result of the civil war that began in 2015. After the confrontations, the country was divided into northern and southern parts. There are points controlled by local groups in some areas. The Houthis control Sanaa in the north, and coalition and government forces control Aden in the south.

Millions of people are unable to secure food due to famine and economic problems in post-civil war Yemen. A child dies there every 9 minutes from starvation or preventable disease. About 12 million people live on aid that comes from outside the country.



Economic crisis

Yemen's economy has shrunk by 40% due to the civil war. And the purchasing power of the citizen decreased and the production process stopped. The Yemeni riyal lost 80% of its value. Millions of people cannot secure their basic needs in this country where the unemployment rate has risen to more than 50%.


24 million people need support

More than 150,000 people have lost their lives due to the civil war in Yemen. Many hospitals, schools and infrastructure were disrupted as a result of the attacks. Infectious diseases are increasing every day for many reasons, including poor access to clean water, malnutrition, and a shortage of medicines and medical equipment. 24 million people live in Yemen in need of humanitarian relief and protection.


We will curethe surgeon of Yemen together

The president of our association Kemal Ozdal said In a statement: "The most severe humanitarian crisis in the world today is in Yemen. There are 24 million people in the region who need urgent assistance. We deliver aid to the region in many areas, especially food, health, shelter and education. Our support Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis through our aid that we have sent to the region since 2018. We have started a new aid campaign under the slogan (So that humanity doesn’t die in Yemen) due to the continuing humanitarian crisis in the region. We call on good people to support their Yemeni brothers who are living in a difficult situation. the wounds of Yemen together."


Urgent aid projects in Yemen

Adaq, Akikah, and Thanksgiving(Shukr) Qurbans;


We are delivering qurbans to our Yemeni brothers and sisters who live thousands of kilometers away under difficult conditions. We also provide economic support to the people by purchasing qurbans from the region.

Qurban Share Price: 1700₺


Food Packet Distributions;


In Yemen, where the economy has collapsed, there is famine because the people do not find food. we distribute food packets to meet the monthly needs of families in the country where in every 10 minutes a child dies of hunger

Food Packet: 450₺


Bread Distribution;


After Yemen's civil war, food inflation was experienced and bakeries were damaged. In Hudeyde, Marib, Taiz, and Ibb regions, people are struggling to find bread. We carry out thin pita bread distributions to the people of the region in addition to food distribution.

Bread Distribution to 100 Families: 600₺



Mobile Clinic and Health;


Infrastructure and health systems have collapsed in the country, while epidemics and deaths increasing day by day. In order to contribute to the solution of this situation, we treat people and provide drugs by our mobile clinic with all medical equipment in.

Mobile Clinical Support For One Week: ₺25.000 (Including costs of a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, staff, medicines, and mobile clinical)


Clean Water Project;


With the shortage of clean water in Yemen, epidemics such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery are about. With our water distribution projects, we deliver clean drinking water to all over the country, especially refugee camps.

One Tractor Water Tanker Price: 250₺




Thousands of people have been become permanently disabled in Yemen by the civil war. We provide wheelchair distributions to people who are in difficulty and cannot even meet their daily needs.

One Wheelchair Price: ₺1600


Income Generating Projects;


We are implementing income-generating projects in Yemen, where poverty is experienced and millions are unemployed. We supply Tuk-Tuk vehicle used for freight and human transportation to families in need, sewing machines for women and the equipment necessary for beekeeping. We support them to meet their own needs.

Sewing Machine: 2100₺

Beehive and Necessary Equipment For Beekeeping: 17,700₺

Tuk Tuk: 30.000₺ 



Hot Meal Organizations;


We are carrying out hot meal distributions in the Taiz, Al-Hudeyde, and Aden regions of Yemen, where the world's largest humanitarian crisis is occurring.

Hot Meal Distribution For 50 person: 2500₺


Financial Support;


In Yemen, where the unemployment rate is around 35%, the purchasing power of the people is low. We provide financial aid to the people of the region by distributing fitrah and zakat in the country where trade and production stop.

Financial Support For one family: 200₺


Hygiene Packet Support;


In Yemen, hygiene supplies are vitally important due to epidemics, deteriorating infrastructure systems, and unable to access clean water. In many parts of the country, we carry out hygiene packet distributions consisting of shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, detergent, nail clippers, mask, and wet wipes.

Hygiene Packet: 160₺


Baby Packet Support 


Children are most affected by the humanitarian plight in Yemen. Every 10 minutes in the country, a child loses his life due to hunger. Within the scope of urgent aid, we distribute a package of baby consisting of milk powder, baby formula, baby biscuits, food supplies, and diapers.

Baby Packet: 450₺


Sheltering Support

4.2 million people became refugees due to the civil war in Yemen. One of the biggest needs of refugees staying in makeshift houses is a home where they can be live.  We carry out the installation of thermally insulated tents with 24 square meters for refugees.

One Tent Price; 5350₺



Post Date: 21 December 2021

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