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Support to Andalusia La Vega Mosque

Support to Andalusia La Vega Mosque

La Vega Mosque in Granada located in Spain's Andalusia region was bought on credit by Muslims living in the region. We supported 90 thousand euros the mosque association that could not pay the remaining credits due to the financial impossibility.

The mosque association paid 150.000 euros that the total cost of the mosque is 300.000 euros. Within the campaign which initiated by our association, €90.000 were delivered to the responsible.


The mosque was rented by a company in the region in 2010 after the company considered renting a building, and Zachariah who was the Imam of a mosque in Granada realized that the building that the company considered renting it, is a mosque. the mosque which is containing a hub for prayers, Qur'an education, celebrations, and cultural activities put into service in 2011 after changing its interior design.


250 Muslims living in Atarfe where the mosque is located and residents in the surrounding areas benefit from the mosque. The mosque can not only play as a house of prayer but also use for Muslim’ learning and cultural activities. Activities that make the mosque center of life such as Ramadan tables, celebrating Qurban together, slaughtering of Aqiqas, and weddings are accomplished within the mosque.

Also, Social Activities Are Carried Out in the Mosque

From time to time workshops for groups of children and teenagers, sometimes lasting several days, on calligraphy, illumination, geometry, ceramics, archery, martial arts, and farming are executed.

Also, courses such as seerah, akhlaq, tasawwuf, tafsir, and psychotherapy are performed in the mosque. La Vega has a capacity for only 60 people, but 250 Muslims living in the region benefit from the mosque. with the Muslims living in surrounding areas come to the come, this situation makes imperative the mosque extended.


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Post Date: 23 November 2021

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