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Sharing Benefits Us

Sharing Benefits Us

While Ramadan coming up, our association that began relief works in oppressed regions all around the world continues to give hope to the oppressed by carrying out Ramadan works with the call "Sharing Benefits Us" in order to explain the state of children in refugee camps, orphans in orphanages and people who resist hunger and thirst due to poverty.

Our association that started Ramadan works in regions dominated by persecution, wars, and poverty will deliver food packages to make tables abundant and eid clothes and gifts for children in 21 countries such as Israeli-blockaded Gaza, occupied Jerusalem, Syria, and Yemen where the civil war is occuring, Nepal and Vietnam where Muslims are in the minority, crises regions such as Somalia, Kenya and Arakan where dominated by drought and other regions especially in Turkey and build heart bridges with the hundreds of thousands to make our brother and sisters feel that they are not alone.

Since 2010 that we have been established, we have been working on Ramadan;

- 68.000 food packets that 478.000 people benefited  were delivered.
- Iftar meals were delivered to 153.000 people
- Eid clothes were presented to 8300 children
- Zakat, fitrah, and fidyah were delivered to 4400 needy people

To Support

You can donate 10₺ by texting 'IFTAR' and sending SMS to 2989
You can access bank account information to donate from www.sadakatasi.org.tr
You can give zakat, sadaqa, fitrah, fidyah eid clothes, iftar, and package donations from the association's contact phone 0216 614 04 61.




Post Date: 06 July 2018

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